The healthcare industry is becoming more and more complex and is currently supported by hundreds of healthcare service providers, each with their own cost and benefit structures. This has made it extremely difficult and time consuming for most individuals to evaluate the various healthcare options which would adequately cater to their needs.

At Efficient Wealth, we understand this challenge and have, in consultation with one of South Africa’s leading healthcare consultancies, developed a solution that will cater to your healthcare assessment and management needs.

Our services include the provision of a comprehensive analysis of multiple “full medical aid” and “hospital plan” options available to our clients. These comparative reports provide an accurate comparison of all benefits and costs relating to the various alternatives enabling our clients to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare requirements.

Efficient Benefits:

  • +   A single point of entry for multiple solutions
  • +   Accredited and qualified healthcare advisers
  • +   Independent and unbiased analysis
  • +   Ongoing review and relationship management process

Our Offering:

  • +   A comprehensive comparative analysis
  • +   Hospital Plan benefit comparisons
  • +   Medical Aid benefit comparisons
  • +   Gap Cover
  • +   Administrative support