Although life assurance and personal risk cover are often perceived to be "grudge purchases", the risk of not adequately insuring yourself, and in some instances your family, can be catastrophic.

This element of any financial plan is of the utmost importance and insures the sustainability of the plan itself against unexpected or unlikely events.

Contrary to popular belief, many assurance products provide extremely good returns in the medium to long term, the only drawback being that the very nature of these products implies diminishing returns over time.

At Efficient Wealth, we have access to all major South African life assurers and are thus able to ensure that you are provided with a comprehensive range of alternatives, providing you with the freedom to select the most appropriate risk solutions to suit your specific needs.

Efficient benefits:

  • +   A wide range of insurance options
  • +   Totally independent advice
  • +   Professional and qualified financial advisors
  • +   Personalised "breakeven" assessments
  • +   Ongoing review and relationship management process

Our offering:

  • +   Life cover
  • +   Disability cover
  • +   Dreaded disease cover
  • +   Income protection